Monday, February 21, 2011

More Meringue, Please!

I like just a little bit of kitsch but only from the right angle as I am a picky girl :) So when combining this lust for things over-the-top with an interest in folklore, I found my self both entertained and engaged in a Channel 4 documentary that I happened to come across at NRK this Saturday. Thus, I wanted to share with you.

The documentary depicts weddings in the traveler communities in the UK focusing mainly on the young girls, their dreams about dresses and the whole value system surrounding the weddings, the girls, the traveler families and the traveler society as such. Since almost forever I have found issues on parallel cultures and lifestyles immensely interesting as they co-exist next to the mainstream culture and you wouldn't necessarily recognize the little differences unless you're an insider or just very well informed. This I find very exotic if you know what I mean? However, there are no subtleties when it comes to the outfits here! This goes alongside with very strict moral values, especially for the girls, which is very interesting to me and I don't really understand it, basically due to the fact that I'm an outsider to the travelers. I have never seen dresses and costumes like this in real life, and when we in Denmark talk of a 'meringue bride', it does not even come close to the extravaganza of these traveler girl brides of the 21st century. I would say that the next 48 minutes in your life are well spent!

Edit: You need to have DivX installed to be able to watch this video. However, you can search the title of the documentary title if you want other options: My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding watch free/online.

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  1. Kære Henriette, 1000 tak for din søde kommentar ovre hos mig. Dejligt du læser med og sikke en fin blog du selv har. Stor hilsen Anette