Friday, December 31, 2010

The writings on the wall

Soon we'll write 2011 on the wall and I wish you a Happy New Year and all the best for you and your dear ones (and the ones that you and I don't know as well).

The name on the brick wall says 'Bent Jensen'. I found it just outside my laundry cellar and I'm fairly convinced that it was written by a boy many years ago. Children nowadays do not learn to write in this style and still the signature looks like it was done by the hand of a child. On top of that, it is quite unusual to be baptised 'Bent' (from Benedikt, I suppose) these days. My building is from around 1930 and I imagine that Bent grew up as a child here, perhaps watching the events of WWII from the windows. Perhaps Bent is now preparing a traditionally prescribed New Year's Eve cod with mustard sauce for his wife and a couple of old friends?

I'm having a friend over for New Year's Eve and we'll be having a veggie-take of an 80's classic party menu, (the Indonesian turned into Dutch) Ristaijfel and hopefully silken tofu chocolate mousse which we debated having since forever. I like having a bit of kitsch when ever possible. Now is the time for it despite having a somewhat fleeing sneeze and all-to-soon up-coming exams in 2011.


  1. Thanks for the cute story about Bent. I love old "graffiti" I once sang in a very old church ( the oldest part is from 1240)where a lot of people had scribbled their name next to the organ where the choir was placed... loved it. And thank you for 2010 and the photosafaries we had, hope to you you soon, and to have more of those in 2011. Happy new year. (by the way - we bought a HUGE steak from Wassim for tonight and plan to serve it with bearnaise)

  2. Uh, steak with bearnaise! Another classic with a slightly kitchy tune to it.... will you be doing the home made version of it... I strongly presume it! And yes, there's just so much history in a name scribbled down somewhere sometime. If I/you know just a bit of the place it just makes my/your mind wonder about on past times.

  3. Yes the homemade version of course :-)

  4. Of course. You just can't live without it once you've had the real deal, right? My family was in awe when I told them that I learned how to make home made bearnaise :)