Sunday, December 12, 2010

Purple pleasures

I like the colour purple quite a lot so I was pleasantly surprised when I wrapped open my advent calendar this Sunday morning. My sister made it to me and she hit 3 of my soft spots: pretty tins, purple and my favourite candy!

She knows that I need a little extra tender care when exams are due so I am just thankful. Thank you, C.

Also, in order to get fit for studying, I thought I buy myself a present the other day: a Finnish Moomin cup bearing of purple as well as pretty motives:
This cup has it all as far as I'm concerned: beautiful colours, great sense of humour and more than a tiny glimpse of quirkiness. I'm always charmed by bugs and small creatures.

All in all, I should be ready to fight my exams now. I have the fiercest arms in town!

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