Friday, November 12, 2010

Mad Woman

Just thought I would post a 'Mad-Men-Yourself-Photo' that I made of myself the other day. I really do believe that I would have looked like that in those days... I have seen season 1 + 2 and I never saw such a captive tv-series though I have emmensely enjoyed shows like 'Spaced', 'The Riches', 'The Sopranos' as well as 'Sex and the City' and too many Danish shows and crime tv-series for me to mention (though, I really liked an Austrian show with a female police officer getting involved with her neighbour). So, I can recommend Mad Men like almost the rest of the tv-watching world. I did go out to buy a 1960's tomato red nailpolish but I eventually found out that I already have an almost exact dupe... so much for cravings then.


  1. I guess you noticed the cookie? That was my little personal touch :) Do you realize that she is actually presenting something on the bra campaign which they cancelled just before Marilyn Monroe died? I would never have agreed to do that, though!