Saturday, November 06, 2010

I'm not a songwriter

...but if I was, I think I would make a song like this. Not so much because of the lyrics eventhough I like them but due to the 'temper' of the song. The lyrics are tragi-comic comments on depression or about having big dreams about making your mark on the world but in reality not even having the energy to walk the dog or clean your house or telling people what you 'really' think about things, for that matter. I do understand the apathy but to me, lyrics are seldom the most appealing messages of a song. I connect to the sounds, in this case the synth and the beautiful and experienced voice belonging to Bjørn Fjæstad (what an impossible name on a blog in English) combining into melancholic, delicate and grown-up popmusic. Which song would you do?


  1. Oh dear - amazing song... by Rytteriet? do they make music? is it "serious" Anyway I like it!!! I went to a Baal koncert some time ago...and felt VERY young among the women going crazy for Bjørn Fjæstad. Who made the synth...have to google now!

  2. This song could really make me cry but it would not be bad tears. The song is actually from Rytteriet (broadcasted this Wednesday 20.00 on DR2)is not really a part of the fun, or perhaps better a break from the fun. I am not sure who wrote the tune but my guess from the appearances would be Marie Key, the strangely appealing (to me, that is) Henrik Balling (co-founder of Gangway and the son of 'the' Erik Balling) and Bjørn Fjæstad. Right now Rytteriet plays at Bellevue Teatret and I think the band is a part of their show. I would go without a care if only Bellevue was in my backyard.