Saturday, October 02, 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow...

Kitsch is the little extra to spice up my every day life. Quirky colours or music makes me smile - a lot. Kitsch is much more I guess but what is definitely kitsch is the cake above.
This Monday, I met with a friend of mine to make a rainbow cake that we saw here. We made more or less detailed plans for the making, went shopping and I brought red, green, blue and yellow food colours. From then on, we just needed good luck and an eye for detail.

All what is needed for a fabulous and over-the-top rainbow cake.

Dough for the cake layers 
We wanted to make six layers so we bought 6 circle-shaped baking tins and made a dough out of 400 g flour, 400 g sugar, 2 tsp. of vanilla sugar, 1 large tsp. baking powder, 400 g butter and 8 eggs. All was put in a bowl, the dry ingredients first, then eggs and butter and a lot of handhold wisping as we did not have any electrical equipments. One should take care not to stir too much in the dough, though.
Then we took 6 small bowls and distributed the dough evenly and mixing in the colours. The tins were put in a 175 degrees celsius oven for app. 15 minutes. We opted for classic rainbow colours, such as bright purple, blue, green, red, orange and yellow but the actual result was more like blueish violet, berry-red, rose-pink with a hint of grey, fair yellow, pistachio green and turquoise.

This was supposed to be bright purple
Turquoise dough (supposed to be blue)
Supposed to be red, but turned out slightly different
Baking tins in the oven

Baking tins just out from the oven 
We made a cake cream out of butter, icing sugar, water and vanilla sugar to put in between the layers of cake.
For topping I went out from Nigella Lawson's recipe on 'royal icing' but we did not exactly follow her measures and ended up grabbing a lot of icing sugar and whipping it with egg whites (by hand!) and adding a bit of lemon juice in the end to achieve something like this:

Royal icing
Now was the time to put the elements together. What fun it was!

At last, it was time to decorate the cake. We used both a spoon and a fork to create the spikes.

Just in case you are wondering: I deliberately wanted to make an over-the-top photo documentation of this over-the-top sweetie of a cake. Las Vegas does not exist in vain.


  1. Jep, an absolutely stunner :) If you happen to pass by my place today, you can have a couple of oreo cupcakes to take home. They do taste good, but they do not look the part as much as I would have liked.

  2. Wow, the result looks great. This is a cake, I've always wanted to do, but was too lazy so far, it seems soooo much work!

  3. It was a good amount of work but never tiring. However, We will try to our best to make less sweet next time so less topping and les sugar in the 'substance' in between the cake layers. It was a 100% joy to make and perhaps 80% pleasure to eat :)