Monday, October 18, 2010

People + Music

Just wanted to share this song which I almost forgot about until I heard it in a Danish movie tonight. The song goes on forever and ever and they only sing one line:

"Folket og kun folket er drivkraften i skabelsen af verdenshistorien."
(The people and nothing but the people are the driving forces in the creation of world history.)

It is a 'drop of wisdom' from Mao which he turned into an ugly truth by his Chinese Revolution around 1976.

Well, the song is from perhaps 1982 by Danish band, Kliché who were not communists, I should mention. They were more or less conceptual artists making popmusic, actually just a few blocks away from my place, turning the 'eternal truths' from the 1970's into 1980's synthetic but still warm sound and by that turning the truth upside down. I just really like the tune.

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