Sunday, October 31, 2010


I took a few mobile phone snapshots from my neighbourhood on a Saturday afternoon a couple of weeks ago. Since then, autumn has progressed even further and all I want to do is to buy tomato red nailvarnish and watch 'Mad Men' all day if I could.


  1. I love this posts with everyday pictures!
    Are you also mad about Man Men like me? ;-)

  2. Thank you :) I especially like the relatively old man with the yellow tote bag. Not that I know him, you know.
    And yes, I have fallen in love with Mad Men. They play so well and alle the subtleties... Have you noticed the funny food they eat? Luckily I'm still only on season 2 but I can already tell that I will miss it when I'm through but then, of course, I could watch it again.
    I already planned which nailvarnish would do the MM-job for me - 'One of a Kind' by Essie, so it is just a matter of dime before I dig in :D