Sunday, October 03, 2010

Mantelpiece I do not have any fireplace in my fourth floor apartment. However, I do have a stone age TV-set bought just before the flat screen format obstructed taking advantage of the top of the TV as a mantelpiece. As a matter of fact, the top of my TV is my mantelpiece where I display little treasures both for my guests to see what I am about but perhaps more importantly to remind myself of creativity, playfulness and happy days whenever I feel a little stuck at my desk reading endless articles on developmental psychology and what have you...

 Talking developmental psychology we have to mention toddlers. The objects on my 'mantelpiece' attract toddlers as honey bees. I bought the apple house with the snail and the angry bee for myself a couple of years ago. They are staples in a toddler tv-series around the flower girl, Fifi. The cat is a classic souvenir from China or Far East which I bought in Hamburg last year. It is supposed to move the arm up and down with some kind of flag or paper symbolising luck, abundance and happyness but I just keep it quiet. Both objects make me feel good and internally smiling.

What do you have on your mantelpiece (take mantelpiece as a metaphor here) ?

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