Friday, September 10, 2010

Religion is science

This Danish band played in a concert hall more or less across my street yesterday. I did not go - I am not really an avid concert goer to be honest - but this tune turns me on. One reason is the sheer sound with background noise and cozy rattling with some kind of object and last but least the title: "Science is Religion" which I am bound to love as my main subject at uni is the study of religion, and you just don't find that many songs dealing with the point of study of religion namely, religion is treated by scientific means. However, I do not science as the new religion. They are so and so many subjects which science has not or cannot deal with so the only thing left is to include as many aspects of reality as possible and never let yourself or others believe that you have finally found THE answer. So much for my Friday nonsense. Enjoy the music. Here er the William Blakes.

While I'm at it, I would like to post another youtube video on The William Blakes. They do a cover of my oldtime favourite, 'Running up that hill' of Kate Bush, together with Danish band, Spleen United. It is taken from an 'alternative' music show shown on DR2, non-commercial tv-station trying to introduce the less known to a wider audience. This time they really succeeded because Kate Bush's wonderful song did not suffer any harm during the cover 'treatment', almost the opposite.


  1. Thanks :-) it could be great on our web page together with the commercial videos for studying with us !

  2. By the way - I had such a huge crush on the lead singer-Leth,when he was playing Romeo in the christmas series "Jul på Rosenborg" (or something).Maybe I was 13 or something.