Sunday, September 26, 2010

More Mormor

Yesterday the weather was excellent in Århus so I went out on a little photo safari with my friend Sandra and her beloved camera (I don't have one, only a relatively okay cam-cellphone). We found more of Mormor and even a beautiful street hand by some one who's name I have forgotten.

I need to do some studying today but first up, some more Mormor followed by the hand.


The hand - on top of a piece by Mormor in fact:

Please share street art from your area with me sometime if you like.

Enjoy your Sunday  :)


  1. Hi Henriette! I love these little pieces of art that make a city more cozy :-) See you around!

  2. Hi Mar :) Yes, these small things are some kind of souls of the city. All the best to Salzburg :)