Sunday, September 05, 2010

Healthy Heartbeat

In Denmark as perhaps many countries through out the Western world women are over represented in the statistics concerning heart diseases, apparently due to the fact that most research in this area is carried out using male-material so to speak. These days the Danish lobby organisation (in need of a better word) Hjerteforeningen campaigns in order to enlighten this mismatch by giving female Danish celebrities a moustache and a bowtie under the motto: "If you get a heart disease - wish yourself to be a man". Here I am exemplifying with my own moustache photo and then you are asked to put it on your Facebook profile. You can make one yourself here

My friends tell me that I look like the little clever man from Belgium, Monsieur Poirot here

I was the never the type to wear the yellow rubber band to show support for Lance Armstrong when he had cancer. Not that I don't care about cancer or do not like the colour yellow. In fact, yellow is wonderfully bright and beautiful. I just did not care to wear a rubber band. However, I like the fact that you get some sort of token for supporting a cause - such as a very delicate moustache. I found out that the lobby organisation also sells beneficial merchandise by which you support research in female heart conditions - and bought a nice bracelet which is actually beautiful and the message they carry is not necessarily: See-what-do-gooder-I-am, which I like very much, as well I would never wear a logo-bag from Gucci. I just like nice things. The bracelet cost me 25 DKK and can be bought here

Photo is taken from

So, I actually like to support a good cause but I would not sacrifice my taste on the alter for the 'greater cause'. I hope that future campaigns for honourable causes would consider the aesthetics when trying to 'win' us over. As much as I will support them, I do not want to be a living walking commercial for any cause.


  1. Jeg har faktsik sådan et fint armbånd fra et par år siden :-)

  2. Helt mage til? Haha, så er jeg sent ude.