Thursday, September 23, 2010

Dreaming of Mormor

Mormor is 'grandma' in Danish and 'tag name' for a nameless street artist (supposedly male in his 20's). He used to hang around the streets of Århus glueing his pieces of art made of pale yellow paper on doors and brick walls, all in all places that he found needed a kind human touch. This meant that he would usually put up his art where you would find a lot of tags, such as in my gateway. Unfortunately he is not likely to pass by with his paper and glue as he moved to Copenhagen earlier this year (he told in an anonymous interview), so the following is just a dream. Me dreaming about having joyful drawings in my street.

Beat this, MOAZ and Smask.

Do you like Mormor's work?


  1. I do, those are cute pieces of art, so we'll have to go to Copenhagen to keep enjoying him? ;-)

  2. I think so (you should have kept the map :) but I just don't know where exactly you can enjoy him. I was looking out for him in June but did not find anything.
    If you by any chance go to Copenhagen then look out for 'Papfar'(literally meaning 'Cardboard Dad' or modern Danish for 'step dad) and 'Husk Mit Navn' (Remember My Name). Papfar is now established in the art scene but he used to do street art out of just cardboard and nothing else. Husk Mit Navn is still anonymous but growing into a 'household' street art name of some sort. I might post a bit about them and more underground street art phenomenons in Copenhagen at some point.