Thursday, September 02, 2010

September equals books

In a few days from now I will be heading back to some good old university education at the Aarhus Universitet. To celebrate or just point my finger to the fact that my seemingly eternal summer holidays will soon be over, I took a few snapshots on campus the other day. Enjoy.

Outside the main canteen and student area, Stakladen (Built around 1950)

Nobel Park, home to humanities and psychology. Built around 2000.

The main canteen, Stakladen had a facelift during the summer of 2010
One of my university homes which used to be an orthopaedic hospital until sometime in the 1990's.

The Faculty of Theology which is actually home to the study of Arabic and Islam as well as the study of Religion. Quite an usual combination I guess but it works.
Art wall seen from the 1st floor
The sun always shines on campus. The tower in the background is the so-called 'Book tower' which is part of the state library. They do serve quite an impressive amount of cakes every Friday afternoon, although they have a weird tendency to give the cakes just a teeny bit too much time or heat in the oven. Being a cake/cookie-lover, this kind of behaviour is not exactly up my alley but I will survive.
Outside the oldest part of campus. Some parts of the surrounding buildings housed members of  Gestapo during WWII. Hence, the buildings were bombed by the RAF but something apparently went wrong so quite a few local craftsmen lost their life while they were doing their job.


  1. Fine billeder af smilets by.. :)

  2. Hello Henriette!
    I wish you all the best in your studies and hope you have a wonderful year! :)

  3. Hello Ka, very nice to hear from you and thank you! I hope to see you once again and wish you all the best with olele the coming year (I will invest in one of your beautiful fans at some point :)