Friday, August 13, 2010

This is Danish, it's funny!

This is from the Danish comedy show Casper og Mandrilaftalen (Casper and the some-kind-of-monkey deal) from the noncommercial tv-channel DR2 around the year 2000. I always stayed up late to watch the show and especially this crazy man, Claes Gynhjalter who is the lover and protector of bees and self-admitted mentally challenged has caught my eye. The host, Casper Christensen (wearing glasses) is the most famous stand-up comedian and funny-man in Denmark these years and might I just add, dating an actress, Iben Hjejle. Well, I thought that even non-Danish readers might enjoy this, if not only for the excellent facial expressions and the open sandwich with an alarmclock. If you do get the feeling that these guys might have watched an episode or more of Monty Pyton shows, you might have a point, I guess. Enjoy:


Edit August 13: I just took a photo of a photo of Casper Christensen and Iben Hjejle in a gossip magazine, BilledBladet:

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