Wednesday, August 11, 2010

New kid on the blog

I guess this would be a classic headline in the blogosphere for a newcomer, especially for those who are old (or young) enough to have witnessed a certain American boy band come and go without really paying them any attention, except for the name. I am talking of New Kids On The Block but ok, nevermind. I like to pay attention to the little and seemingly insignificant details in daily life, which for my turn takes place in Århus, Denmark in a 36 years old mind and body, which was baptized Henriette a long time ago. However, I am not going to limit myself by only addressing all things minor, I might as well prefer a birds eye view on things if needed. 

My mother tongue is Danish so I will change a bit between English and Danish, perhaps on occasion adding a bit of German as well as just the tiniest glimpse of French, just because words and the sounds of them sooth me. Blog-visually I am not exactly a wizard but I am aware that a blog demands at least a relatively attractive visual side to bear any claim of existence. For the time being you will have to do with a photo from Hamburg. See you again soon.


  1. Tillykke med din nye blog! Glæder mig til at se hvad du finder på :-)

  2. Tak, Sandra - ja, for nu vil jeg altså gøre alvor af det. Forudser dog at jeg må have opfølgende kursus på et tidspunkt :)

  3. Hi Henriette, and welcome to the blogosphere! I love the name you choose for your blog. Already awaiting next posts! ;-)

  4. Thank you :) I thought about the name for days, actually. Was even contemplating 'einzelfahrausweis' or 'ohnesenfbitte', but then again, I guess I am not really the single ticket type and I really like mustard and take my coffee with milk and (most often) without sugar :)