Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mom 68

I am blessed with a mom who does not mind me playing around her hands and she even allowed me to post it on my blog. Perhaps I should add that I prefer one colour at a time on the hand of an adult and I am most fond of the colour on the second finger when reading from the left while I prefer darker or more dramatic colours for the toe nails. I have 'invested' in a number of nail polishes during the past year and I will definately post on my lovely colour gems here again sometime. Now you are warned. I am perhaps not your beauty salon stereotype, but as I am maturing, I am finding all sorts of womanly affairs more and more appealing. I find great comfort, joy, creativity and playfullness in playing with all sorts of colours, and if somebody invites me to 'do' them, I am the first one around to drag out my box of colours. 


  1. And like your mom, I'm one of the lucky people who's got an special nail polish from you! I will try it soon and send you the results! ;-)

  2. You're welcome ;-) I never told you that I actually bought 6 nail polishes in Hamburg and Berlin.