Monday, August 23, 2010

Chubby Comfort

I do belong to the chubby side of town and it takes me a bit of work to find clothes that I really like. As a consequence, I buy most of my clothes on-line from UK. However, I have managed to find a couple of Danish web shops where I certainly would not mind spending my pocket money. One of them is this shop and the other one is carmakoma. The latter really delivers in the segment 'LBD', little black dress and this without being formal and office-y. Actually, I do not think that the bigger ones among us should stick to wearing black but a bit of black in the closet does not hurt.
This posting is just an acknowledge of carmakoma (I already own the dress/tunic on the photo) as well as I would like to show my window shopping (I would like to buy the black pants some day).

If your size is somewhere between EU 42-52 (UK14-24, US 12-22), I would recommend you to take a look at asoon as they have a number of (mostly) black items for sale (save up to 70%) until at least September 1, 2010. Postage is 49 DKK to Denmark and 20€ outside Denmark.

I am not commercially involved with carmakoma of any sort but I just wanted to pass on the good news. I would be thrilled if you have  chubby shopping-suggestions for me (in the EU)? 

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