Monday, August 16, 2010


I have been a fan of Depeche Mode for a long time. Not fanatic as in hunting them down, but nevertheless keeping them close to my synthesizer heart which means that I prefer listening to them on my own to dwelve in my private mental images created through the years when listening to a Depeche Mode tune. However, I have not been too fond of their art work the past years, if ever. They do not really have a strong visual profile, except for the front man, Dave Gahan who has an impressive stage presence. He is definitely a very strong and sexy card but this is so obvious that it is not really interesting for me to focus on here (sic!). Instead, I will show you the art work from their 2001 album, Exciter:

I think the photo of the agave is strong and focused as well as being well-balanced between masculinity and femininity which is also reflected in the music of Depeche Mode.

I went to the local botanical green house the other day and found myself taking close-up photos of plants with my cellphone. At first, I did not recognize the inspiration but as I approached an agave plant, I recognized what I was doing:

The difference is perhaps something like Mexico and a university green house on a grey summer's day in Denmark.


  1. I actually thought of you when I wrote 'synthesizer heart' :) - and thank you :)