Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And the winner is...

My favourite of all things green (yellow) must be the lemon or the splendid Danish name: Citron. In my single household I use app. 3 lemons a week and I do not really understand why this is not the case for everybody else :) Hence, I will use this opportunity to promote the lemon and what I use it for. I should mention that you really do need a lemon zester to get the most of it. I have got my lemon ideas from all over and I am still looking for great ways to take advantage of this great fruit.

First, one should scrape the zest from the lemon with a specially designed tool, hence getting nice curly straws of lemon zest. The zest tastes good in creamy pasta dishes, on top of vanilla-scented cupcakes, in oil/vinegar dressings with garlic, honey and mustard as well as in dishes with coconut cream, pancakes and naturally to decorate salads or almost anything you like. You would need your lemon to be organic.

The juice is great for icing, yoghurt and crème fraiche dressings, in soya dips for sushi and tempura, on top of any kind of pizza (!), in pasta-rice-bulgur-chickpea-lentil-dishes, on top of open sandwiches (rugbrødsmadder) with potatoes, mayo and chives, when serving spaghetti bolognese or - carbonara. Lemon is also an obvious choice for anything with chicken, for example an oven roast chicken smuddered with crème fraiche and oat flakes while being stuffed with an ecological lemon in 2 halves. I am actually using lemon to all of this, and more which I have forgotten about at this moment.

In the household, I have made a hand bath with lukewarm water, olive oil and lemon juice to soften the hands and nails or rubbing ½ lemon on my elbows to soften the skin before a bath. Last, but not least, I have used leftover lemon juice to remove remains of chalky water from my kettle and bathroom sink as well as cleaning the kitchen sink with ½ lemon as the very last thing before you throw it out.

I cannot think of any more obvious ways to utilise the golden lemon, but feel free to approach me if you have any suggestions?

Edit, August 18: I just got a gift from my sister who went to Sweden for the summer and thought of me when stumbling over lemon stuff when out shopping in the streets of Göteborg:

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