Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Shopping på dansk

Screenshot fra on-line magasinet C'est

Så tager jeg lige et indlæg på dansk, det er helt dejligt :) Jeg læste bloggen SidneyLise, hvor de to sjove piger refererer til at de har fået et indlæg om deres yndlingsting i onlinemagasinet C'est. Magasinet ligner så meget andet i både layout og indhold, og er derfor hverken mere eller mindre originalt end de mange glittede månedsmagasiner rundt omkring. Men altså, jeg kiggede lidt rundt og fandt en shoppingguide til de gode gamle kendinge, København og Århus, men næsten endnu bedre, også shoppingguides til steder som Aalborg, Roskilde og Helsingør. Der er ikke noget bedre end skjulte juveler (altså, skjult for mig) og så giver det en eller vis fornemmelse af, hvor jeg måske kunne finde noget interessant, hvis pengene brænder i lommen. 

Jeg kiggede lige i guiden over Århus og godkender den. Ikke fordi guiden nødvendigvis leder hen til byens allermest hippe steder, men guiden henvender guiden sig til et publikum på 30+ med en vis orden i pengepungen, synes jeg og flere af steder ville jeg selv gerne anbefale udenbys-typer eller turister, fx Boutique Marie i Borggade, som er de bedste i byen til tykke damer og 1 + 1 Textil i Grønnegade, der bl.a. sælger nogle skønne porcelænssmykker. Jeg har hermed tillid til at shopping guiden kunne fungere godt til at give et førstehåndsindtryk af shoppinglivets glæder i fx Helsingør og Malmø, som jeg kunne tænke mig at besøge igen inden alt for længe.



My first post in Danish for my own convenience :)

I have been reading the mainstream on-line magazine 'C'est' which offers an elaborate shopping guide (targeted urban women 25 years of age an up, I would say), not only covering Copenhagen (København) and Aarhus (where I live), but Roskilde and Helsingør (app. 35 km weat and north of Copenhagen), as well. 
I have checked the guide on Arhus in order to review it and I approve. I would recommend at least a couple of shops selling women's wear from UK16+ and art crafts such as jewellery made of porcelain. Hence, I conclude that the shopping guide is an easy and cheep way to get a first hand's approach of the joys of shopping in different parts of Denmark.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Chubby Comfort

I do belong to the chubby side of town and it takes me a bit of work to find clothes that I really like. As a consequence, I buy most of my clothes on-line from UK. However, I have managed to find a couple of Danish web shops where I certainly would not mind spending my pocket money. One of them is this shop and the other one is carmakoma. The latter really delivers in the segment 'LBD', little black dress and this without being formal and office-y. Actually, I do not think that the bigger ones among us should stick to wearing black but a bit of black in the closet does not hurt.
This posting is just an acknowledge of carmakoma (I already own the dress/tunic on the photo) as well as I would like to show my window shopping (I would like to buy the black pants some day).

If your size is somewhere between EU 42-52 (UK14-24, US 12-22), I would recommend you to take a look at asoon as they have a number of (mostly) black items for sale (save up to 70%) until at least September 1, 2010. Postage is 49 DKK to Denmark and 20€ outside Denmark.

I am not commercially involved with carmakoma of any sort but I just wanted to pass on the good news. I would be thrilled if you have  chubby shopping-suggestions for me (in the EU)? 

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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Comenius Garten

When in Berlin-Neukölln, I went to the Rixdorf neighbourhood which was partly a Bohemian village in the old days. You will also find a garden project, the Comenius Garden
which is a little gem inside a kiez (Richardkiez/ Böhmischer Rixdorf) which is inside a bigger kiez (Neukölln) in the south of Berlin, Germany, Europe... the Universe. Well, I took this photo of a newly nailpolished finger nail and a semi-ripe plum, just for the sake of lovely colours.  

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I.K.E.A Citizen

The IKEA catalogue just came by post the other day and I spent quite some time befriending it, I must admit. Planning what I might need the coming year and making notice of bargains to look out for and so on. I might add that I am a student and thus, still celebrating time off from university studies :) Oh well, I do not really need much, just bits and bobs and silly little details to clutter my home like a sheep skin to put on the bedroom floor and the likes. However, I will have to go to IKEA to enjoy the Swedish kitchen: Köttbullar and pie. They even offer a new pie each month so now I know what to do on one or two of those dull winter afternoons. Perhaps one of you would like to join me?

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Quirky Balance

I like to balance a bit of quirkiness with everyday comfort when I dress. I want my shoes to look good according to my taste not compromising comfort, and this is not an easy match I should say. I do not wear killer heels, ballerinas, pointy shoes and what ever is in fashion, so I am very pleased when I am able to find footwear which meat my demands of both looks and comfort. New Balance, the athletes' supplier, also have a line of everyday sneakers for both sexes with a bit or an awful lot of retro-feel to them. I like the men's line the most because they have the most daring colour combinations as well as a wider design. I have not yet succeeded in finding the ones on the photo in my size (EU37/38), but I just like the photo, so far.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Holy smoke II

Cookie tin from the mid-1960's when crown princess Margrethe and count (?) Henri got engaged to be married (1967). Yours truly is the happy owner of this tin which is actually the crown piece in my growing collection of retro tins. I just cannot help to take pride in possessing a tin which was one full of buttery cookies with sugar coating. I guess a woman with pointy glasses and a colourful but still neat skirt consumed the cookies while consuming every detail from the wedding from the glittery magazines. What ever the story is, I will keep the tin close to my heart for as long as I can.

Holy smoke

Queen Margrethe and Prince Henrik having a smoke in the 1960's

I never saw this photo before this weekend and wanted to post it in spite of being a photo of a photo from a Danish gossip magazine as I recognize the forbidden pleasures it represents.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

And the winner is...

My favourite of all things green (yellow) must be the lemon or the splendid Danish name: Citron. In my single household I use app. 3 lemons a week and I do not really understand why this is not the case for everybody else :) Hence, I will use this opportunity to promote the lemon and what I use it for. I should mention that you really do need a lemon zester to get the most of it. I have got my lemon ideas from all over and I am still looking for great ways to take advantage of this great fruit.

First, one should scrape the zest from the lemon with a specially designed tool, hence getting nice curly straws of lemon zest. The zest tastes good in creamy pasta dishes, on top of vanilla-scented cupcakes, in oil/vinegar dressings with garlic, honey and mustard as well as in dishes with coconut cream, pancakes and naturally to decorate salads or almost anything you like. You would need your lemon to be organic.

The juice is great for icing, yoghurt and crème fraiche dressings, in soya dips for sushi and tempura, on top of any kind of pizza (!), in pasta-rice-bulgur-chickpea-lentil-dishes, on top of open sandwiches (rugbrødsmadder) with potatoes, mayo and chives, when serving spaghetti bolognese or - carbonara. Lemon is also an obvious choice for anything with chicken, for example an oven roast chicken smuddered with crème fraiche and oat flakes while being stuffed with an ecological lemon in 2 halves. I am actually using lemon to all of this, and more which I have forgotten about at this moment.

In the household, I have made a hand bath with lukewarm water, olive oil and lemon juice to soften the hands and nails or rubbing ½ lemon on my elbows to soften the skin before a bath. Last, but not least, I have used leftover lemon juice to remove remains of chalky water from my kettle and bathroom sink as well as cleaning the kitchen sink with ½ lemon as the very last thing before you throw it out.

I cannot think of any more obvious ways to utilise the golden lemon, but feel free to approach me if you have any suggestions?

Edit, August 18: I just got a gift from my sister who went to Sweden for the summer and thought of me when stumbling over lemon stuff when out shopping in the streets of Göteborg:

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Monday, August 16, 2010


I have been a fan of Depeche Mode for a long time. Not fanatic as in hunting them down, but nevertheless keeping them close to my synthesizer heart which means that I prefer listening to them on my own to dwelve in my private mental images created through the years when listening to a Depeche Mode tune. However, I have not been too fond of their art work the past years, if ever. They do not really have a strong visual profile, except for the front man, Dave Gahan who has an impressive stage presence. He is definitely a very strong and sexy card but this is so obvious that it is not really interesting for me to focus on here (sic!). Instead, I will show you the art work from their 2001 album, Exciter:

I think the photo of the agave is strong and focused as well as being well-balanced between masculinity and femininity which is also reflected in the music of Depeche Mode.

I went to the local botanical green house the other day and found myself taking close-up photos of plants with my cellphone. At first, I did not recognize the inspiration but as I approached an agave plant, I recognized what I was doing:

The difference is perhaps something like Mexico and a university green house on a grey summer's day in Denmark.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Snapshot from 'Kreuzkölln'

I was in Berlin last week and stayed in the 'kiez' Neukölln and actually did a bit of what my host would call a 'Kiez Urlaub' as I did not spend an awful lot of time in the centre of Berlin but went to local sight seeing spots and cafés. More or less pretending to be a Berlinerin myself, actually.

As a natural consequence of being situated in Neukölln I wanted to get to know the place or at least be more familiar with the neighbourhood than I was before - or than the guidebooks would tell me. I can divide guidebooks in two classes from my Neukölln experiences: The ones which do not even mention the neighbourhood or only care to tell that Neukölln is a rough place. The other books tell of a neighbourhood of a little dubious character but seemingly up-and-coming as a consequence of the rise of housing market costs in many areas of Berlin. I have seen a bit of both the rough and very pleasant sides of Neukölln and as a relatively careful newcomer I felt safe and good everywhere, except one place and can recommend the kiez, especially for all the different kind of people to encounter here.
The kiez in the kiez around Reuter Platz, 'Kreuzkölln' is the new, hip and still affordable hotspot of Berlin, made obvious by all kinds of signs such as cafés and 'creative' cars. It is always interesting to watch something change, much more than just seeing the final actual change. I took this photo in 'Kreuzkölln' which - to me, at least - shows the changes taking place in the neighbourhood. Not every change is to the best per definition but then again, change is inevitable and the only thing we can be sure of and so on. I just hope that the locals will continue to enjoy their kiez while it changes rapidly around them.

Edit, August 14: When I took this photo, I was quite amused by he fact that it says 'Änderungsschneiderei' in the window. I am not sure how to translate this into English or even the correct word in Danish, but it some kind of tailor workshop where I can have my clothes altered to the better. Well, from the look of it, I am not exactly seduced to go in there but at same time, that is the beauty of it.

Edit, August 20: I just found this article from New York Times (Autumn 2009) describing the wow-factor of 'Kreuzkölln': 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Mom 68

I am blessed with a mom who does not mind me playing around her hands and she even allowed me to post it on my blog. Perhaps I should add that I prefer one colour at a time on the hand of an adult and I am most fond of the colour on the second finger when reading from the left while I prefer darker or more dramatic colours for the toe nails. I have 'invested' in a number of nail polishes during the past year and I will definately post on my lovely colour gems here again sometime. Now you are warned. I am perhaps not your beauty salon stereotype, but as I am maturing, I am finding all sorts of womanly affairs more and more appealing. I find great comfort, joy, creativity and playfullness in playing with all sorts of colours, and if somebody invites me to 'do' them, I am the first one around to drag out my box of colours. 

Heading out of my window

It is fairly true to claim that the localities behind these snaps are in fact just a snail's daily walk away from my immediate surroundings.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Narcissists United

Can you guess my full name? If not, you probably should have been sleeping in this writing minute. I could not find a live location for my last family name, so I had to borrow a bit from Gitte Nielsen's autobiography on her marriage with Sylvester Stallone and her former but very intimate friendship with a guy called Jack D. Not perhaps the most flattering choice for my persona, but then again. I guess she is the most well-known Danish woman by the family name Nielsen. Do not hesitate to follow my example.

This is Danish, it's funny!

This is from the Danish comedy show Casper og Mandrilaftalen (Casper and the some-kind-of-monkey deal) from the noncommercial tv-channel DR2 around the year 2000. I always stayed up late to watch the show and especially this crazy man, Claes Gynhjalter who is the lover and protector of bees and self-admitted mentally challenged has caught my eye. The host, Casper Christensen (wearing glasses) is the most famous stand-up comedian and funny-man in Denmark these years and might I just add, dating an actress, Iben Hjejle. Well, I thought that even non-Danish readers might enjoy this, if not only for the excellent facial expressions and the open sandwich with an alarmclock. If you do get the feeling that these guys might have watched an episode or more of Monty Pyton shows, you might have a point, I guess. Enjoy:


Edit August 13: I just took a photo of a photo of Casper Christensen and Iben Hjejle in a gossip magazine, BilledBladet:

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Follow me, I am blind

Street art from Hamburg, Germany, August 2010

New kid on the blog

I guess this would be a classic headline in the blogosphere for a newcomer, especially for those who are old (or young) enough to have witnessed a certain American boy band come and go without really paying them any attention, except for the name. I am talking of New Kids On The Block but ok, nevermind. I like to pay attention to the little and seemingly insignificant details in daily life, which for my turn takes place in Århus, Denmark in a 36 years old mind and body, which was baptized Henriette a long time ago. However, I am not going to limit myself by only addressing all things minor, I might as well prefer a birds eye view on things if needed. 

My mother tongue is Danish so I will change a bit between English and Danish, perhaps on occasion adding a bit of German as well as just the tiniest glimpse of French, just because words and the sounds of them sooth me. Blog-visually I am not exactly a wizard but I am aware that a blog demands at least a relatively attractive visual side to bear any claim of existence. For the time being you will have to do with a photo from Hamburg. See you again soon.